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Date: Apr 16, 2010
Category: Current Events
You read that right—a child with two biological mothers! A baby has not yet been born resulting from this process (to the best of our knowledge), but 80(!) unborn babies (embryos) were created doing just that. We discussed in our series, From Inner S…
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Date: Apr 5, 2010
Category: Sarah Palin
Just a few quick thoughts on Sarah Plain Palin (oops! My fingers almost always automatically type “Plain” instead of “Palin.” It has nothing to do with my perception of Sarah’s physical characteristics—she is certainly n…
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Date: Mar 22, 2010
Category: James' Health
I know I am not out of the woods yet, but I am feeling much better. I am reducing the pain meds gradually and am now at the lowest level. I feel some discomfort but it is barely on the scale of what I endured in early January. Many years ago I suffered a b…
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Date: Mar 13, 2010
Category: Stone Kingdom Ministries
We are pleased to present the second installment by our anonymous reporter of the Good News concerning how our heavenly Father was/is at work in the story of the Super Bowl victory by the New Orleans Saints. Enjoy!—James By the Good News Reporter &…
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Date: Feb 24, 2010
Category: Current Events
The following essay is the first of a series by our “Good News Reporter,” an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. The number of parts in this series is unknown at this time, but we offer it to our readers in the expectation that it will s…
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Date: Feb 11, 2010
Category: Spirituality
  In this space next week, we expect to publish the insights of our mild-mannered, sideline reporter, whose unique perspective will either mystify you or cause you to marvel at Someone who has all things under His Plan—yes, including the Super …
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Date: Feb 5, 2010
Category: Ministry
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Tea. It’s a Tea Party! (For the record, this was written Friday, February 4th, and was finished and sent off for posting before Palin’s keynote speech on Saturday, February 5, 2010.)   The Tea Party Movement…
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