Feedback to “A strange incident”

Feedback to “A strange incident”

Nov 25, 2013

In the event this is my last posting before Thanksgiving, I wish you all a most blessed and happy Thanksgiving! I personally have much to be grateful for this year despite my recent loss. Thanks for all the feedback to my postings. I very much appreciate them and you.

I would remind all readers that our policy is that—unless you request otherwise—any email to us may be posted/published. Sometimes when, in my judgment it seems wise, I may alter the names or places to protect the identity of the writer. However, we are only protecting those names and places from the world at large. As many of you know by now, all things on the web are transparent to government agencies and their willing partners at Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

The following are a few of the responses to my journal entry of November 21st, “A ‘strange’ incident,” which I thought you might find worthwhile.

Dear James,

Not so strange! Thank you for writing your recent blogs. It will help you, and go out to help another and more. As you may remember I do foot care for seniors (yipes! I am one), elderly and shut-ins here in Dayton. Some years ago I had a client who had had polio, spent her days in her wheelchair, had braces on her legs and walked with 2 canes. I have wonderful memories of several years of visits before she moved to be with her daughter in Florida. We kept in touch with notes and phone calls for several more years.

One night I had a dream of her and in that dream I remarked, “Why Mae, you are whole and walking again”. I was so happy for her and she was so proud. A few days after that dream, her daughter called to tell me my friend had died. When I related the dream I had had only days before it was most comforting to her daughter and she thanked me several times for sharing that dream and how much it had meant to her. They were both people of faith but the encouragement was most welcome. To this day I have occasion to use that incident to encourage, comfort or support as the situation arises. May this bless you as well.—Pat (Indiana)

Dear James,

I must beg your forgiveness for not acknowledging your loss of your beloved wife. I don’t know you personally except through your beautiful correspondence over the years to us through your ministry so I felt that it wouldn’t matter since you didn’t “know me” and therefore, wouldn’t miss my card or note when you’re receiving so many others. But through this I have come to learn that it doesn’t know how well you know someone at their time of loss or need, but it’s about showing the bereaved or afflicted that someone actually cares about them and their problems. Please forgive me for my shortsightedness and my selfishness. After all, it’s not about me, it’s about you, and your family.

When my brother was in Vietnam, he volunteered to substitute for a sick buddy to go up in a mission over Cambodia. Unfortunately, his helicopter was shot down, and at that very moment, my Mother was woke from a sound sleep with an urgent need to pray for him. The helicopter was shot down, killing my brother and one of the men in it. One survived.

Over the years, I have come to believe that this was the final service that she could do for her boy although it seemed to show no purpose at the time. We had a memorial service for him even though he had been listed as MIA as well as KIA. Mother passed shortly after that sad incident, and life went on for our family. Even though my Father was not a man of faith, he did have the faith to put in a burial plot for him in the cemetery should his remains ever be returned to us.

Yahweh was gracious to our family and his remains were brought home to us exactly 40 years to the day of his death. It was a large occasion with many patriotic motorcycle riders, flags, news media, etc. and my heart was deeply touched by the attention given to this young man who had lost his life in an unwelcome war. The story is still on YouTube, I believe, and the story went all over the United States which was simply amazing to me.

The concern of others who have lost and are there to support the family in such a time as that–even after 40 years. There was a man who planted flags all along the highway to welcome the soldier home and it was quite a stirring event. I felt that at that time that the patriot world had reached out and touched our family to show us that they, indeed, did care about our loss. So, only our Heavenly Father knows why Mom had to wake up and pray for him, but she did in obedience to the prompting. Again, we don’t always know why we are to do certain things, we just do them out of obedience to Him.

May Father continue to comfort you and your family over the lost of Roxanne. I look forward to hearing about her in your writings if you should choose to share your life with us.

Blessings to you all, Moneca (Florida)

Hi James,

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. You asked for those who might have an interesting comment as your sister had experienced with Roxanne.

Some years ago, we had a son who died from leukemia at the age of eight. The night he died, I was holding him with his head lying on my shoulder. He raised his head up, faced a wall and asked ” who are you”. I turned to see who he was talking to but I just dismissed the incident because there was no one there. A few minutes later, he did it again. He raised his head up again and asked ” who are you”.

This time when I turned to see that there was no one there, an eerie chill came over me. I still didn’t realize exactly what had happened. It was much latter in my life when I became more familiar with what the Bible says about the dead. To this day, I believe he is safe and in a better place. I also believe that Father, in His mercy, sent someone, to usher him into that new dimension. I feel that this experience comforts our loss as well. As scripture says, “All things work out for the good to those who love God”. Stay well, James.

Marc (Pennsylvania)


I have no other thoughts on what you expressed, James. I just wanted to tell you that your comments are precious, and I thank you for sharing them with everyone. I look forward to your future revelations. —Linda (Arkansas)


I just read your article where your sister was awakened to pray for your wife. I had a similar experience several years right after I moved to Thedford from Grand Island. I had known a gentleman in Grand Island for probably 10 years. We were good friends, but he had a serious drinking problem. I befriended him on many occasions (helping him when he broke his ankle and another time when he was thrown from a horse and broke several ribs). I would go out to his place and fix meals ahead so that all he had to do was heat them up, etc.

About 6 months before I left Grand Island, he had a mild heart attack and the Doctors told him he needed bypass surgery. He refused the surgery but they did put 3 stents in to relieve the blockage. He was doing good when I moved. He had a son living with him with the same drinking problem. He had other children within a couple of hours from him, but they were a very dysfunctional family.

About 1 week after I moved, I got a call from his children saying that he had another heart attack and was in the hospital. Surgery at this time would do no good as his heart was too badly damaged. I kept in contact by phone as things were in turmoil here with the move etc. On June 8th of 2011, I was praying for him before I went to bed and a voice told me that he was dead. This happened at 10:30 pm. The next day I called his children and they told me that he had died the night before at 10:30 pm. I told them I already knew it, but there was no response to this bit of info.

So I firmly believe the Holy Spirit is at work at all times. I have been awakened many times during the night and feel the urge to pray. At times, I have had dreams which when I hear of a happening, it is exactly as I dreamed. Sometimes I can see a face, but it is not always someone I know. So I just pray.

I was living in another house when I first moved out to Thedford. The landlord did not do as he said he would and last year I started looking for another house. The house I live in now was not occupied and I asked the Lord if I was to move, would He bring it about. I heard that I would be in this house by April 1st. I talked to a real estate agent friend to see if he could find an investor to buy the house and let me rent it. He said he would look into it. On March 25th, I called him again to see if he had found someone and he said that he decided to buy it (he is my son-in-laws brother). He contacted the real estate agent that was handling this house and we all came to look it on April 1st and by April 3rd all the paperwork had been signed and I had permission to move in. The Lord assured me that this would be my “safe haven”. I have been so blessed. This is a ranching community and I have a wood burning stove in the house to help with the gas heat. It is an older 2-story home, but so quaint and charming and I absolutely love it and so enjoy living here. A big yard with room for a garden, etc. I’m totally in my element.

Thank you for letting me share these experiences with you. There are many others that I cherish. We serve an Amazing and Awesome God!! —Mary (Nebraska)


I do believe that Sharon’s prayer made Roxanne’s passing smooth and quick. Thank the Father James had Roxanne in his arms. –Carolyn (Ontario)

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