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Stone Kingdom Ministries (SKM) is a Christian Bible-teaching ministry focusing on in-depth studies of the Word of God. We invite anyone with an interest in knowing what our Creator has to say about anything to peruse this website. And we do mean anything. Because, although we are fallen from pristine perfection, our Creator did not leave His creation floundering. He gave us the Scriptures as the path back to Him. There is much here to explore. We invite you to get to know Him through His Word!

Irving, TX 2009 Conference

James Bruggeman, Ron Oja, Stephen Jones at the 2009 Irving, TX Conference
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Knoxville Tabernacles 2020 Conference Info

The GKM-SKM Feast of Tabernacles Conference is slated for October 9-11. Make your reservations now!

Audios Now Available

Selected audios from the SKM 2018 Feast of Trumpets Bible Conference are now available for free listening or download.

Powerful video: Donald's Bible

President Trump’s Scottish bloodline foreshadows Christian revival!